I have decided that I am going to move some of my posts from this site over to Substack. I like the platform and its ethos and I am attracted to having an email list. That’s the main advantage of being there — it functions just like a blog with URLs that can be shared but it also allows people to sign up and get emails directly when new stuff is posted.

I like getting these kind of personal emails, particularly ones with book recommendations, so it is an obvious fit for me to aim to be doing that as well. I’m rather hoping I can get some conversations going about books and I like sharing my own reading. I am also hoping to publish some articles and essays there.

Visit Blether: https://blether.substack.com



I have rejoined Twitter. It is a somewhat painful process after deleting it all a couple of years ago. I was first on Twitter in 2009, I think, and had a few followers but I am now rebuilding from scratch. I’d be very happy to engage with you there. You can click on the image or go to @euan_lawson.