Declaration of interests

I won’t follow the remarkable example of George Monbiot° who provides incredible detail, month by month, but I do want to ensure my interests are completely clear.

Updated 06 April 2020.

Lancaster University

I work as a clinical academic GP at Lancaster Medical School and I am paid, as is common for academic GPs (although it is not universal), on the NHS Consultant pay scale.

Clinical work

I work as a self-employed locum for my clinical work. Some of these are in NHS general practices. At present most of my clinical work is in substance misuse settings in Blackpool. Ironically, this is now regarded, dismally, as private work, at least by the medical indemnity organisations, as substance misuse services are now entirely subjected to damaging tendering and re-tendering processes that are commissioned by local councils. Sometimes those contracts are won by the NHS, other times by companies and social enterprises, effectively removing them from core NHS services. That’s another story though. My self-employed pay, by the time annual leave, pension, and additional indemnity premiums are taken into consideration, is comparable to the University pay.

For many years, I wrote the Clinical Update for the Substance Misuse Management in General Practice (SMMGP network) but stopped around mid-2016. I have contributed again in 2020 for the reformed SMMGP-FDAP support network.° I am paid for those — at the time of writing they have a standing advert with full details°.

BJGP Deputy Editor

I’ve been the Deputy Editor since 2013 and I am paid as an external consultant by the BJGP in line with RCGP standard locum rates.

Political affiliations

I am not a member of any political party. However, I am a member of the Fabian Society°. They describe themselves as an “independent left-leaning think tank and a democratic membership society with over 7,000 members. We influence political and public thinking and provide a space for broad and open-minded debate.”

I’m on the Expert Working Group for the Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform°.

Book royalties

I receive royalties for two books: The Healthy Writer° and GP Wellbeing: Combatting Burnout in General Practice

Other areas

I am a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and I am member of the BMA.

I am a director of a limited company, Greenmantle Medical Ltd. My editorial work and book incomes goes through the company. I plan to use it for future independent book publications.

That’s about it. I don’t have any other sources of income. I have never been paid by any drug companies or the pharmaceutical industry and they’ve not given me honoraria, or funding for conference fees and travel to exotic conference locations. I’ve not received other consultancy fees or similar from Pharma. I do, as part of my BJGP role and my work at the university, claim expenses for attending relevant conferences, meetings, and CPD.